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Course Bundle

Get 6 essential parenting courses (ages 0-12) with proven strategies for common challenges bundled together for an even better price. Lifetime access.

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Printable Bundle

Help your child understand anger, worry, body safety & more with 6 expert-created printable activity toolkits bundled together for an even better price. Ages 3-9.

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Printable Activities for Kids

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The Playful Parent Toolkit

$27 $24.30

A printable package designed to help parents learn to and enjoy playing with their kids. Printable posters, strategies, activities and games to do WITH your kids to boost cooperation and reduce meltdowns. This toolkit is perfect for busy, tired parents who want to play with their kids but don’t know where to start.
Ages 3-9 40 Page Printable Printable Posters Playfulness Tools Colouring Sheets Fun Games
PottyToolkit CardPageImage

The Potty Toolkit

$27 $24.30

A printable package designed to make potty training easier. This printable features over 40 pages of stories, activity sheets, games, colouring pages, and posters to help children aged 18 months and older become comfortable and confident using the potty.

Ages 1.5+ 40+ Page Printable Guided Storybook Printable Posters Games and Activities Colouring Sheets
BodySafety ToolkitImage

The Body Safety Toolkit

$27 $24.30

A printable package featuring over 30 creative worksheets, colouring pages, activities, and printable posters. Expertly crafted by child therapists. This toolkit helps kids identify safe individuals, understand public/private spaces, and say ‘NO’ confidently.

Ages 3-9 30+ Page Printable Printable Posters Engaging Worksheets Colouring Sheets
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The Worry Toolkit

$27 $24.30

A printable package designed to support children with worry. Find over 40 pages, including a fun storybook to fill in with your child, helpful worksheets to do together, colouring sheets, printable mantra posters, and activities to help children navigate worries and confidently confront their fears.

Ages 3-9 40+ Page Printable Guided Storybook Printable Posters Calming Tools Worksheets Colouring Sheets
Anger ToolkitImage

The Anger Toolkit

$27 $24.30

A printable package designed to help children aged 3-9 who experience anger. This printable features 40 engaging worksheets, colouring pages, activities and printable posters created by a team of child therapists and early childhood educators!

Ages 3-9 40 Page Printable Guided Storybook Printable Posters Calming Tools Worksheets Games Colouring Sheets
School ToolkitImage

The School Toolkit

$27 $24.30

Vibrant and printable activities designed to instill confidence in children aged 3-9 attending school. This toolkit covers forming friendships, problem-solving, using their strong voice effectively, and handling separation. Skillfully designed with love notes, printable posters, and colourable worksheets your child will love.

Ages 3-9 30+ Page Printable 5-Step Plan Printable Posters Worksheets Colouring Sheets

Online Courses for Parents

Parenting Little Kids

$197 $167.45

Become the parent you want to be. Understand your child’s tantrums, learn how to discipline effectively, reframe challenging behaviour, and reparent yourself in the process.

Ages 0-12 35+ Video Lessons Tantrums Actionable Tools Lifetime Access Behaviour

Solving Bedtime Battles

$97 $82.45

No locking the door, punishments, or sticker charts needed. Our bedtime approach uses closeness to help your child fall asleep independently and restore rest for the whole family.

Ages 2-12 20+ Video Lessons Lifetime Access Night Wakings Parental Preference

Setting Boundaries

$57 $48.45

Learn how to shift challenging behaviour in your home through boundary setting! Start with an in-depth workshop on boundaries, then jump into our videos on specific challenging behaviours.

Ages 1-12 Video Lessons 7-Day Challenge Screaming Hitting

Separations and Goodbyes

$57 $48.45

Whether it’s your child’s first time with a babysitter or their first day back to school, we’re here to empower you with the skills and confidence to handle drop-offs and pick-ups and feel close to your child in the process.

Ages 1-12 60 Minute Workshop Downloadable eBooks Lifetime Access

The Postpartum Course Bundle

$97 $82.45

Enjoy the early months of parenting as you learn tools to regulate yourself and respond to your baby’s needs with calm and confidence.

Ages 0-2 20+ Video Lessons Actionable Tools Lifetime Access