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It can be hard to find joy as a parent. You might be busy, tired, frustrated, or not sure how to be a “good” parent. We’re here to show you that parenting can be filled with joy. You are a good parent. You are strong and caring. And, your job as a parent is important.

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Understand Every Age and Stage

Courses to bring out the best in you and your child.

Discover effective solutions to help your unique family thrive. Our expert-led parenting courses provide research-backed strategies to improve your child's sleep, make potty learning easier, overcome challenging bedtimes, reduce tantrums, and much more.

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0 - 18 Months Old

Congratulations! Bringing a baby home is a big deal!

We know it isn't easy, though. Navigating postpartum worries and big feelings, diaper changes that feel like wrestling an alligator, to feeling triggered by your baby crying - we are here to help.

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Postpartum Bundle

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18 Months - 4 Years Old

Toddlers love to explore, push your buttons, be curious, and have tantrums.

Ah, toddlers... Little scientists. They are curious and love to explore the world around them, sometimes this this can feel so frustrating for both them and you. They are likely having BIG tantrums, hitting, biting, struggling with the potty, or saying "NO!" or "MINE!" on repeat. If this is your toddler, we have you covered.

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Parenting Little Kids

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4 - 12 Years Old

School-aged kids have BIG and more complex emotions.

As kids get older, their emotions become deeper and more complex. Tantrums over the colour of their plate turn into tears over a friend hurting their feelings. From bedtime, school drop-offs, separation anxiety, and everything in between, it can be tricky knowing how to deal with their deep feelings and big behaviours.

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Parenting Little Kids

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You and your child matter.

We won’t teach you to shut the door and let your toddler cry themselves to sleep. We won’t tell you to ignore your toddlers tantrums. And we won’t ask you to ignore your own needs in order to be the best parent. Our expert approach is research-backed and teaches you how to shift challenging behaviour by nurturing your relationship with your child first.
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Courses for every parenting challenge.

Tantrums, sleep, boundary setting, sibling fights, separation worries, and more! We’ve got you covered with our research-backed and regularly updated courses.

Feel confident in how you handle tantrums.

Tantrums are tricky, so we’ve created a detailed eBook to guide you through how to respond to tantrums. Best of all? It’s FREE!

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Families ❤️ The Nurtured First Approach

I no longer feel ‘lost’ in parenting. Your response to tantrums is so practical, only three steps, I can manage that! My daughter gets it, and I get it! Thank you sooo much already, just in a few weeks I can see such a change. 🙌🏼


Mom of 2

We have noticed major changes not only in my sons’ behaviour and reactions but in my own well-being. I can’t thank you enough for the tools inside of these courses!


Mom of 2

Thank you for giving us a parenting roadmap!!! Also thank you for the unlimited access to the courses. We have a toddler and a baby so we are busy and tired and it’s nice that we can do the course a little at a time without pressure.


Mom of 2

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My daughter came to me with her eyes full of big tears. A friend had said something that deeply hurt her feelings. 

As a parent, my initial reaction is to fix. I hate to see my daughter sad. I want to see her precious smile and hear her laugh. 

But that’s not what she needs to hear in this moment. She needs to hear that it is ok to be sad. Her tears need to be encouraged. “Let out all your tears. It’s ok.”

Did you know that letting out tears is an essential need of a child? In order to move forward, they need to release their tears about difficult situations. 

Only after the tears have been released can I say the next thing to my daughter: “Everything is figure-out-able; you aren’t alone in this. Let’s figure it out together.”

From here, we can talk about the next steps with her friend. 

As a child therapist, one of the key messages I advise my families to give their kids is: “No matter what happens, I’ll be by your side as we figure it out.”

This helps kids know that they won't have to do hard things alone - fights with friends, feeling sad about not making a team, doing tricky problem solving - we are by their side to help them figure it out together. When they don’t feel alone, they are safe to grow, play, and develop into the children they are meant to be. 

💫 PS: If you want more tools to help raise your kids to be confident, resilient, and have the tools to handle big emotions, we can help. 

Comment PARENTING15 below to get a direct link to our course. Sale ending soon!!
💫 Tell me below - What's one way you make your child feel emotionally safe? 

As you go through the slides, give yourself grace and remember that your child doesn't need perfection; they simply need a parent who keeps showing up, imperfectly and often.❤️

💫 PS: Our huge site-wide sale is ending soon. Our Parenting Little Kids course teaches you how to create emotionally safe homes for your kids to grow up in. If you are looking for more support, comment PARENTING15 below, and I'll send you the link to the discounted course.
Storytelling holds magical 🪄 powers for our kids. 

This is a true story of how stories of sameness helped me feel bonded to my parents and seen as a child who often felt worried or hesitant. 

⬇️ Tag a fellow parent who may enjoy this story below! 

❤️ PS - Stories of sameness is just one of many practical tools we teach in our bestselling parenting course. This course will help you gain practical and profound tools that bring out the best in you and your child. 

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Our parent heart hurts when we see our child hurt someone else.

Here is why forced apologies don't work:

⚡️They are just words… they don't have meaning behind them.
⚡️ They are often done more for our sake as parents. It helps us feel that our child has apologized, and now we can move forward.
⚡️ They leave our children still needing to learn skills for empathy and understanding.

Let's cultivate empathy in our children by teaching them how to rebuild ruptured relationships instead!

➡️ Swipe through the tips here to learn how to build empathy in your child!

PS: We cover siblings, hitting, apologies, whining, tantrums, mealtime battles, and SOOO much more in our bestselling Parenting Little Kids course! 

Comment PARENTING15 below, and you will receive a message from me with a special discounted offer on this course!! Offer won't last long. ❤️
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