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Our parent heart hurts when we see our child hurt someone else.

Here is why forced apologies don't work:

⚡️They are just words… they don't have meaning behind them.
⚡️ They are often done more for our sake as parents. It helps us feel that our child has apologized, and now we can move forward.
⚡️ They leave our children still needing to learn skills for empathy and understanding.

Let's cultivate empathy in our children by teaching them how to rebuild ruptured relationships instead!

➡️ Swipe through the tips here to learn how to build empathy in your child!

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💕 My kids were off for March Break this week. As I plan to send them back next week, I know that it will be a tricky transition. Separation is hard for our little ones.

Ever since my kids started going to childcare and school several years ago, I’ve made it a priority to have these tiny moments every afternoon. It’s made this time of day special and one we all look forward to.

Asking specific questions like this can help you actually get an answer from your kids. (If they are anything like my kids, sometimes it feels impossible to talk to them after school and learn anything about their day).

💫Reunion after separation is one of the most important times of the day! Whether that’s after a night of sleep, a day at childcare, or even after they go to a friend's house for a few hours! Letting your child know you delight in their presence and that you are happy to see them again is so important!

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✨I'll be honest. One of the HARDEST parenting stages for me is the age of 10 months - 2 years. 

Here's why: My kids always got into everything. 

From standing on the kitchen table, touching the outlets, trying to eat the cat's food, to pulling out the pots and pans... my sensitive and easily overstimulated self can only take so much.

🛑 I remember a particular day I felt like I said, "NO, STOP, and BE CAREFUL," a million times. 

If you can resonate with this feeling, let me help you out with the one tip that has really helped me.

⚡️Offer your kids a creative yes.⚡️

For everything we say "no" to - there is usually something we can say "yes" to instead.

Giving kids a creative yes does a few things:

It shows them what TO DO. 
It gives them a chance to practice new skills.
It preserves your "no" for situations where you need it to really matter (like running to the road or touching something dangerous).

A creative yes can be as simple as shifting from: 

"No! You can't hit your sister," to "Yes, you can touch your sister with soft hands like this!"

Or, a creative yes can involve setting up a "yes space" for your baby or toddler where everything is safe for them to touch and play with.

The creative yes is a tool I teach in my Parenting Little Kids course. Inside this course, you'll find tons of practical tools just like this. We cover everything from tantrums, whining, discipline, reparenting, and SO MUCH MORE!

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It's rarely about the banana. ❤️

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