The Worry Toolkit

Help your child navigate their worries, build coping tools, and face their fears with this collaborative toolkit!

This printable toolkit is designed to help children aged 2-12 who struggle with worry and anxiety. It features over 20 engaging worksheets created by a child therapist, including a storybook designed for young children, and tools crafted specifically for parents and caregivers like you.

Here’s what you’ll find inside The Worry Toolkit:

  • Customizable scripts for shy, slow-to-warm, and hesitant children.
  • A fillable “I am the Boss of My Mind” storybook about worry, written by a child therapist.
  • A comprehensive caregiver’s guide to addressing fears related to animals, injuries, and separation anxiety.
  • Soothing mantras and calming tool printables for immediate relief.
  • Fillable worksheets to do alongside your child that help them investigate their worries.
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Get a sneak peek at the printable worksheets!

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See the toolkit in action!

Laura bought The Worry Toolkit after her 4-year-old daughter was stung by a bee last summer while playing outside. Her daughter became so fearful of bees that she would start shaking whenever she needed to go outside. Laura wanted her daughter to enjoy being outside again. Here’s how Laura used the toolkit!

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On the first page, her daughter drew out all her emotions as shapes, but to her, worry looked like a bee.

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Next, she drew out what made her feel worried. Laura discovered that not only was her daughter fearful of bees, but also of flies, train noises, and fireworks! It became clear why being outside was so difficult!

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Laura helped her find the truth behind her worries, and she enjoyed the process of finding two truths for every worry thought.

A photo of Laura's daughter and partner playing with a bee at their local bee cafe.

The Worry Toolkit helped Laura’s 4-year-old explore her worries and start to feel confident going outside again! She even felt brave enough to visit some bees at a local “Bee Cafe”!

Good Work, Laura and family! We’re so proud of you!

Hear from parents like you!

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“Jess! I can’t believe how quickly The Worry Toolkit worked. My son has always been afraid to sleep on his own. We used the toolkit to draw out his fears at bedtime. He hung the posters in his room and already last night was sleeping better!”

— Amy, Mom of 3 —

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“I used The Worry Toolkit to help my 4-year-old daughter after she was sick and in the hospital overnight. The toolkit helped her process the event and feel safe again.”

— Bethany, Mom of 2 —

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“The best part of The Worry Toolkit was the “I am the Boss of My Mind” storybook. I heard my 6-year-old in bed the other night saying to herself, “Worry, I don’t need you right now. You can take a seat.” I know this language will be life-changing for her (and me too)!”

— Laura, Mom of 3 —

A Few FAQs

1. What age is The Worry Toolkit appropriate for?

The Worry Toolkit was created with children ages 2-12 in mind. The toolkit can easily be adapted for younger toddlers by having them use colours to represent their emotions.

2. Will I learn what to say to my child in the moment when they are worried?

Absolutely! The Worry Toolkit gives you customizable scripts and our P.A.U.S.E. method for responding to worries for parents and caregivers. You’ll learn what to say in the moment when your child is worried, and you’ll learn how to help them cope.

3. Is this a one-time use toolkit, or can I print it multiple times for my children?

You can print it off again and again for use within your own household! This toolkit will help you for years to come as your child navigates worries they need to process in their day-to-day life!

We ask that you do not forward or share The Worry Toolkit to anyone else in accordance with our terms and conditions of your licence. If you love the toolkit and want to share it with your friends and family please send them the link to purchase it directly!

4. I’m a teacher/therapist/professional. Can I use The Worry Toolkit?

Absolutely! The toolkit was created with professional use in mind as well. Your purchase of The Worry Toolkit gives you a licence for your home or classroom only.

We ask that you do not forward or share The Worry Toolkit to anyone else in accordance with our terms and conditions of your licence. If you love the Toolkit and want to share it with your friends and family please send them the link to purchase it directly!

5. My 3-year-old doesn’t fully understand what emotions are. Would this help them?

YES! This toolkit is a great way to introduce the idea of emotions to your child. The information inside this toolkit can also be adapted for other emotions your child may be experiencing.

Meet Jess!

Jess is a child therapist, a mom of a child who struggles with worry, and a former worried child. After years of helping kids and parents who struggle with worry, Jess developed her P.A.U.S.E. framework and her comforting “I am the Boss of My Mind” storybook.

As a therapist, she’s seen these tools bring children from feeling worried or hesitant to feeling safe and confident. The Worry Toolkit is a collection of tools, worksheets, and mantras Jess has taught kids and parents for years. She knows that this toolkit has the power to change your child’s life as they learn tools that will help them cope with worry.


Jess VanderWier
Registered Psychotherapist
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Remember: Worry isn’t the boss of your mind; you are.

Grab The Worry Toolkit to access practical tools & strategies for supporting your shy, hesitant or worried child.