A summer camp that offers laughter, excitement, and valuable life lessons…

Our 5-Day I Love My Feelings: Summer Camp is here to make your summer easier and more enjoyable with your little kids! It’s perfect for kids ages 2 – 12!

With over 40 activities, crafts, and games created by our team of child experts, we help you have fun with your kids, take a load off, and teach them about their emotions along the way! All without the need for screens, hours of planning, or expensive outings! (Count us in!)

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Features and Benefits

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Fun for Kids

  • Our Summer Camp is a treasure chest of activities, games, and crafts, offering something exciting for every child, ensuring they won’t be bored, and making your day as a parent easier!
  • Each activity was designed with the ultimate goal of bringing out your child’s smiles, laughter, creativity, and creating fun summer memories!

Fun for Parents


Expertly Crafted

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Budget Friendly

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The Summer Camp in Action

Instead of scrolling for hours on Pinterest trying to find fun activities, games, or worksheets, we’ve done the work for you. You’ll get over 40 activities that will get your child moving, laughing, crafting, memory-making, and understanding their emotions.


What makes you feel Happy?

When you feel happy, you might feel like singing or dancing! As you go through “Happy Day,” your child will do fun activities that make them laugh and get them moving, like creating Bubble Foam, a Nurture Jar Walk, Happy Charades, and more!

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Did you know that being Sad isn’t bad?

On “Sad Day,” we help your child get cozy and comfy with feeling sad. And of course, it is summer camp – so we make it fun! From Sink and Float, a jigsaw puzzle, and making their own Calming Box, your child will learn about their sadness while also having a blast!

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What does Silly look like?

It’s fun to feel silly, AND sometimes our silly feelings can make it hard to control our bodies! On “Silly Day,” you will play fun games with your child that help them learn impulse control and new ways to get the “sillies” out of their body! From a Frozen Treasure Hunt, Brain Teasers, and Red-Light Green Light – we’ve created some fun *and silly* activities for you to enjoy!

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Does Anger make you want to yell?

Sometimes our bodies feel so angry we just want to let out a big ROAR! On “Angry Day,” your child will get a chance to learn about why feeling angry can be a good thing! Then, your child will get a chance to play games that teach them calming tools, such as: Hopping Out Anger, a dashing game of Sponge Relay, and a Nature Scavenger Hunt!

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What does Worry feel like to you?

Your child will have a chance to draw out their worries on their worry mask, practise deep breathing with our Dragon Breath game, create their own Calming Rocks, our Custom Animal Yoga (with a printable they can look back on again and again) and more! Your child will learn it’s ok to be worried, and they can always tell you how they feel!

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Meet the Nurtured First Team!

Jess and her team are true believers in the power of FUN! At the heart of the “I Love My Feelings” summer camp, this passionate team of child therapists and educators shared one mission: to create a summer camp that is as fun as it is enriching for your child.

Together, they created a summer camp that does 3 important things:

  1. It will keep your child entertained with super fun activities, crafts, and games for hours each day and helps you to connect closely with them.
  2. It gently teaches your child about their emotions and, through the activities, teaches them how they can cope with all of their feelings.
  3. It provides you, the caregiver, with many activities, so you don’t have to stress about searching endlessly for things to do.

We want your family’s summer to be a joy-filled time for the whole family. We’re your partners, dedicated to making your child’s summer an unforgettable journey of fun, learning, and growth!

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A Few FAQs

1. What age is the summer camp suitable for?

We’ve designed the I Love My Feelings: Summer Camp with children aged 2 to 12 years in mind. This age range is an incredibly important time for emotional development and skill-building, and our activities are tailored to be both engaging and developmentally appropriate for these kids! If your child is slightly outside of this age range, many of the activities can be adapted to be made fun for them as well! As a parent, you know your child best and can gauge if the camp would be suitable for them. We’re excited to welcome your child to a summer filled with fun and learning!

2. How are the activities structured? Do you provide a schedule?

We’ve developed the I Love My Feelings: Summer Camp to be flexible and easy for parents and children. We provide a structure for each day (5 days) with fun and engaging activities that encourage kids to get comfy with their emotions and learn how to cope with big feelings! However, we didn’t set strict schedules because we believe every family has unique routines and needs. Instead, we provide a range of activities that you can fit into your day as best suits your family’s schedule. Think of our camp as a smorgasbord of fun activities for your child to explore at their own pace. You can spend as little or as much time on each activity as you’d like. Our goal is to make the summer enjoyable and stress-free for everyone!

3. How many activities are included in the summer camp?

We’ve packed the I Love My Feelings: Summer Camp with over 40 fun-filled activities! These include a variety of games, crafts, and interactive learning experiences, all designed to bring joy to your child’s summer days while also teaching valuable life lessons about emotions. With this abundance of activities, your child will have something new and exciting to look forward to each day of the summer camp. Plus, you can revisit any activities your child particularly loves, making the camp an ongoing source of fun and learning!

4. How can I do the activities with more than one child?

We understand that families come in all shapes and sizes, and you may want to enjoy the I Love My Feelings: Summer Camp with all of your children. That’s why we’ve designed our activities to be fun and adaptable for groups of varying sizes.

Most activities can be done collaboratively, promoting teamwork and shared learning experiences. For crafts, children can work together or create their own individual masterpieces. Games can often be enjoyed by multiple participants, fostering friendly, shared fun.

And remember, the beauty of our camp is its flexibility! Feel free to adapt any activity to better suit your family’s needs. We’re confident that the camp will provide a memorable, fun-filled summer for all your children!

5. Are there any special supplies or materials that I won’t be able to find at home?

Our aim is to make things as easy and accessible as possible for parents. We’ve intentionally designed the activities to utilize supplies that can be found in most homes, like paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, bowls, soap, and so on.

If any activities require slightly more specific materials, we’ve made sure they’re inexpensive items that can be purchased at your local grocery or dollar store. We provide a clear list of materials needed for each activity and a master list so you can prepare in advance.

The essence of our camp is flexibility and creativity. If there’s a supply you don’t have on hand, we’ve made the activities easy to adapt so you can use what you do have. Remember, the most important part is that your child has fun and learns about their emotions in the process!

6. How long does each activity typically last?

We know that children’s attention spans can vary greatly, so we’ve designed the activities in the I Love My Feelings: Summer Camp to be flexible. On average, you can expect each activity to take between 15 minutes to an hour. However, the beauty of our camp is that it can be tailored to fit your child’s pace. If your child is deeply engaged in an activity, they can certainly spend more time exploring it. On the other hand, if they’re eager to move on to something else, they can wrap up quicker.

Remember, the goal is to have a lot of fun, explore feelings, and learn along the way. The camp is meant to adapt to your child’s needs!

7. What activities are included? Is it only worksheets and colouring?

Oh, the I Love My Feelings: Summer Camp is soooo much more than just worksheets and coloring! While those can be great activities, we’ve designed our camp to include a vast array of fun and engaging experiences. Our activities range from creative crafts that promote fine motor skills, to active games that get kids moving, to sensory play that stimulates their senses and enhances learning.

We believe that learning about feelings should be hands-on, interactive, and fun! So, your child might be making emotion-themed crafts one day, participating in a feelings scavenger hunt the next, and then exploring calming sensory play activities the following day.

Our aim is to create a variety of activities that cater to different learning styles and interests while also teaching valuable lessons about emotions. We can’t wait for your child to dive in and start exploring!

8. What skills will my child gain from the included activities?

In our I Love My Feelings: Summer Camp, your child will have a blast while gaining key skills. Our primary focus is emotional intelligence – learning to recognize, understand, and manage emotions, as well as empathy for others. The activities will also stimulate creativity, improve problem-solving, enhance impulse control, and foster social skills. And most importantly, they’ll build self-confidence as they navigate and understand their feelings. It’s all about fun, learning, and personal growth!

9. I’d like to purchase in USD. Is this possible?

Thanks for your interest in our I Love My Feelings: Summer Camp! While all our prices are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD), you can absolutely make a purchase if you’re using a different currency like USD. Most credit card companies and payment services like PayPal automatically handle the currency conversion for you.

When you make a payment, your provider will convert your USD to CAD based on the current exchange rate, and then the converted amount will be deducted from your account. So you can easily purchase our summer camp no matter where you’re located!

Please note, for more information about currency conversion, it’s always a good idea to check the terms of your card or payment service to understand if they charge any fees for currency conversion. We’re excited to welcome your child to our summer camp!