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The Nurtured First Story

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Once upon a time, in a land called Canada, a kind and loving girl named Jess was born. Jess always dreamed of having children of her own, and spent much of her time playing “mom” with her friends and cousins even when she was younger than them. As Jess got older, she decided to go to school so she could work with children and families.

That’s when Jess met Scott, who felt the same way about helping parents and children. Scott grew up in an abusive home as a child, so he understood first-hand the struggles that many parents and children face.

The time came for Jess and Scott to have their own child, but when their first daughter was born, they were shocked to discover that Jess felt alone and anxious in her new role as a mother. Despite her training and resources, Jess felt unprepared for many of the challenges parents face.

Determined to help other parents who might be feeling the same way, Jess and Scott started Our Mama Village, a blog where she could share her thoughts and connect with other parents. At first, Jess’s blog was read by only a few people, but as word spread about her advice and kindness, more and more parents began to turn to Our Mama Village for guidance and support.

As the years passed, Our Mama Village grew larger and larger, and Jess and Scott and their team of parent mentors helped millions of parents understand their children better and parent in a way that felt good to them. They also helped the parents take care of their own mental health while they raise emotionally healthy little kids.

Jess and Our Mama Village became beloved by parents throughout the land, who praised the village for its support and community. And Jess and Scott, who had both once felt alone and anxious in their own ways, were now surrounded by a loving village of parents who they had helped to feel more prepared and confident in their roles as parents.


It was time for Jess, Scott, and Our Mama Village to take the next step and reflect on their values.

After much consideration, it was decided to change the name of the company to “Nurtured First”. They felt the name encapsulated the goal of putting the needs of the parents and children first and creating a supportive environment where they could thrive. With the new name in place, Jess and her team continued their work, helping even more families find the support they needed to navigate parenthood with confidence and care.

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Nurtured Parent-Child Relationships Are Built On

Unconditional Love

Loving your child and yourself is so important. Showing this love to our children, through one-on-one time, respect and validation, sets the stage for a fulfilling, attached, long-term relationship. And remember…even though it can be so hard to remember your deep love sometimes, having grace and compassion for your child and yourself, is love.

Safety & Trust

As parents, we want to keep our children safe from the dangers of the world. Using family values as guidance, we help parents to create a trusted parent-child relationship that will keep children safe and give children the space to play and grow up free from harm.


We help children learn the responsibility they have to themselves, their families, and the world. We do this through teaching parents how to discipline with loving and effective boundaries.


There is always a reason for your child’s behaviour. Behaviour is communication. By showing you how to get curious, we help you to see the child that exists behind the behaviours, not just the behaviour itself. We give you the parenting tools to be patient with your child, understand who they are, and cooperate together.

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