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Solving Bedtime Battles

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What's Included:

  • AgesYears 2-12 Year Olds
  • ResponsiveApproach Responsive Approach
  • ComprehensiveModules Comprehensive Modules
  • ToolsAndStrats Practical Tools and Strategies
  • ExpertGuidance 1 Expert Guidance
  • LifetimeAccess Lifetime Access

What You’ll Learn

  • Why bedtime is hard for your child
  • A responsive approach (no crying it out alone)
  • An easy-to-follow plan to make changes to bedtime
  • An approach that works for sensitive kids
  • Solutions for clinging and stalling
  • How to go from rocking to sleep to independent sleep
  • Scripts for night wakings
  • Calming tools to do with your child
  • Tools for early morning wake-ups
  • What to do if a child only wants one parent
  • How to create a “quiet time”
  • How to troubleshoot sibling struggles at bedtime
  • Plan for kids with separation anxiety
  • Tips for nightmares and night terrors
  • Plans for weaning a child off the bottle at bedtime
  • How to help your silly child rest in their bed
jess with computer Profile

Taught By

Jess VanderWier

Registered Psychotherapist & Mom of 3

Jess is a registered psychotherapist who has been helping children (and parents) in her private practice sleep better for years. Jess’s unique approach to sleep looks at separation, sleep pressure, fears, and sensory issues as the root causes of sleep struggles. Her approach is unique and responsive and works well for parents who feel they’ve tried it all. Beyond this, Jess is a mom of 3 – so she gets it. Her passion for sleep started after a difficult journey with her oldest daughter’s sleep. She knows what it feels like to be sleep-deprived and exhausted. Since then, she’s helped tens of thousands of families sleep better. She’s ready to help you, too!


See What’s Included with the Course

This course is designed to guide you through solutions to all the most common sleep struggles (and then some!) while helping you build a connection with your child. You’ll see less stalling, fewer wake-ups, and more restful nights for the whole family.

Module 1

Why Do Bedtime Battles Happen?

Discover why your child isn’t sleeping well at night, learn why your child needs to feel close to you to sleep well, and uncover our bedtime plan that helps you make changes without leaving your child to cry alone.

In this module

  • Understand why bedtime is hard
  • Learn a responsive approach to sleep
  • Start making a bedtime plan
Getting Curious About Sleep PDFs Understanding Bedtime Shifting Our Perspective
Module 2

Falling Asleep Independently

Learn how to move from laying with your child to sleep, rocking them to sleep, or co-sleeping to having your child fall asleep in their bed, feeling safe and cozy without you there. This approach is great for sensitive kids who cling and cry for you. Plus, gain tools for middle-of-the-night wakings!

In this module

  • Shifting from co-sleeping to independent sleep
  • Tools for clinging, protesting, stalling, wakings
  • Support for meltdowns and sensitive kids
Setting Bedtime Up for Success Transitioning from Co-Sleeping to Independent Sleep Part 1 The Magic of Storytelling for Children Let Your Child Set Up Their Room Calming Toolbox for Sleep Transitioning from Co-Sleeping to Independent Sleep Part 2 How to Set Boundaries Around Bedtime
Module 3

Common Bedtime Struggles

Dropping naps, early wakings, preferring one parent, sibling room sharing – these are some of the most common struggles. This module offers practical tools, insights, and scripts to solve these challenges and get more sleep.

In this module

  • Learn about dropping naps and early mornings
  • Tools for parental preference at bedtime
  • Tips for sibling room-sharing struggles
Dropping the Nap, Early Wakings, and Quiet Time Sibling Room Sharing Sleep Struggles from Room Sharing Preferring One Parent for Bedtime
Module 4

All About Nighttime Fears

From nightmares, night terrors, separation anxiety, and fear of being alone – we are here to help. Learn where these fears come from and practical tools to respond in the moment as well as proactively during the day.

In this module

  • Understanding separation anxiety
  • Responding to nightmares and night terrors
  • Tools to ease your child’s bedtime fears
Separation Anxiety When a Parent Travels for Work Bedtime Fear Tools Responding to Fears - The PAUSE Method Nightmares and Night Terrors Peeing in the Night
Module 5

Keeping Your Cool

This module will help if you’re struggling at bedtime and find yourself yelling or losing your cool. You’ll learn easy strategies to help you stay calm and shift your mindset around difficult bedtimes!

In this module

  • Calming tools for parents
  • How to stop losing your cool in the middle of the night
  • Learn a new mindset for successful bedtimes
Grounding Tools A Note from Jess
Module 6

Extra Guides to Get More Sleep

Access extra guides and printables that are especially great for parents with silly, energetic, or sensitive kids! You’ll also get guides with customizable plans for night weaning, night wakings, and so much more.

In this module

  • Tools for sensitive, silly, and hard-to-settle kids
  • How to night wean your child
  • Customizable plans for middle-of-night wakings
Guides for Better Sleep PDFs Bonus PDFs


From Real Parents Just Like You

Quote bubble with nectarine background Bailey | Mom of 2

I literally never send in reviews like this, but I have to say THANK YOU. My 4.5-year-old has had the worst bedtime struggles, and I'm 15 days out from having baby #2. It's been so challenging thinking about how we are going to figure out her dependent + long + angry bedtime routine with a newborn. I tried out just a few of the strategies last night - rough & tumble, sharing my experience as a kiddo, and letting her get about 50 stuffed animals, and there were NO tears, NO fighting, and she fell asleep in under 40 minutes (which is huge). I am literally sharing with every single person I know, regardless of if they even have kids! Thank you! .

Quote bubble with red background Thea | Mom of 1

I tried your Connect Hearts with my 7-year-old, and this is the most success I have had with helping her stay in her room! We've done it for seven nights now (on and off as she has been at her dad's), and I’m starting to feel more positive and able to start switching my ears off! I have felt on constant alert since I have to be on the camp bed in her room. It got to the point where I couldn't keep going. It's hard, but she holds on to the hearts, and we talk about our heartstrings being connected when we are not together. I'm finally starting to feel we are making progress. Massive thank you!

Quote bubble with pink background Meaghan | Mom of 1

We purchased your bedtime course, and it did wonders for our highly sensitive kiddo! I couldn't recommend it enough! After hearing for almost three years nothing but "cut the cord" and "let him cry it out on his own," it was such a breath of fresh air to hear you advise us to stay with our child until the big feelings pass and then try again. After several attempts and sitting through and saving space for so many tears, we were finally able to leave him for 15 seconds, then 30, and so on. We now say goodnight and leave, and he is sleeping in a few minutes. I love and so appreciate you and everything you stand for! It has brought me so much confidence in my motherhood journey, knowing that my husband and I are parenting in the best way for our family! Thank you so much for what you do and who you are!

Quote bubble with yellow background Kathryn | Mom of 1

Just had to tell you how amazing the Solving Bedtime Battles course is. Firstly, it is such an incredible price for a packed, full-length course with absolutely no semblance of CIO. Not saying there weren't tears, but never left alone. Secondly, our almost 3-year-old went from co-sleeping nearly every night to going to sleep in his own bed/room with just me holding his hand and SLEEPING ALL NIGHT. It's been truly amazing, and no more screaming/bed is lava tantrums. I will admit I was incredibly skeptical, but with time and patience over the course of about a month, it's been an amazing difference.

Quote bubble with green background Kenedie | Mom of 1

Ummmmm, I am in complete shock. My 3.5-year-old, who has co-slept her entire life, just went to bed ALONE. I'm not even through the whole course! It took about 30 minutes of reassurance and going in and out, but she is ASLEEP. I cannot even believe it! We are still co-sleeping, but she put herself to bed first!!! This has never happened!

Quote bubble with blue background Larissa | Mom of 2

Just wanted to reach out (again!) and say how thankful I am for your course. I forwarded the bedtime lesson to my husband today, and right as I was losing my sh*t after being so good and calm at bedtime (I), my husband could step in and utilize some strategies that you offered in the lesson. I know not everyone has the luxury of a co-parent, but it was so nice to have something concrete we could both learn from so we could be on the same team and approach from the same angle.


Emily’s Story

Emily struggled with her son’s sleep for years, who is now eight years old. Here is her sleep story.

A small child in a striped green and white shirt reaches out to touch a collection of colorful heart-shaped objects on a wall. The hearts vary in size and design, including patterns and solid colors, like red, blue, yellow, and green. The child's face is turned away from the camera, focusing on the hearts, suggesting engagement in a playful learning or creative activity.

I wondered if it was too late…

My husband travelled for work, and our bedtime routine got harder and harder. To the point where my son wouldn’t sleep without me. He is 8. I questioned whether things were too far gone or if we’d need to co-sleep forever.

A cheerful young boy wearing a blue jacket and a gray beanie with an orange logo, enjoying a winter day outdoors; his yellow and green mask rests on his chin. He's seated on a black sled with a snowy forest in the background, indicating a fun day of sledding.

Just one night and I saw change!

Tonight, I did the Connected Hearts. And oh my, the way it melted his heart…beyond words. Since he’s 8, I was able to talk to him about his fears, worries, etc. He listened. Seeing how much my effort to feel close to him already made him feel safe in just one night means the world. I already know bedtime will be easier moving forward.

A happy family enjoying a winter day outdoors; a young boy in a black hat and blue coat with a ski pole, a smiling woman wearing a brown beanie, and another cheerful child in a blue jacket with snowflakes on it. They're surrounded by snowy trees, indicating a day spent skiing or sledding.

It’s what we both needed.

This approach was exactly what my son and I needed. He loved knowing I was coming back to check on him, and it left both of us feeling so much better than the old bedtime struggle we were having for years. I feel like we are working through a solution that makes sense. Thank you so much for your advice!!

Parents & Caregivers

Who’s This Course For?


You are a tired parent who is looking for practical sleep solutions. Your child is taking forever to fall asleep, and they wake you up most nights. You are ready to sleep again.


You don’t want to leave your child to cry it out alone. You don’t feel comfortable locking the door, or avoiding eye contact.


You want an approach that will work for your sensitive, strong-willed, or deeply feeling child (not just a one-size-fits-all script)!

Let’s do it!

Course Pricing

$97 $77.60

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What's Included:

  • AgesYears 2-12 Year Olds
  • ResponsiveApproach Responsive Approach
  • ComprehensiveModules Comprehensive Modules
  • ToolsAndStrats Practical Tools and Strategies
  • ExpertGuidance 1 Expert Guidance
  • LifetimeAccess Lifetime Access
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The gold standard

A Better Kind of Sleep Course

AgesYears Star

2-12 Year Olds

Our course meets the needs of kids as young as two years old all the way up to 12 years old.

ResponsiveApproach Star

Responsive Approach

Our approach does not include any cry-it-out, ignoring, or shaming.

ComprehensiveModules Star

Comprehensive Modules

Access effective tools, deeply insightful videos, and practical scripts that will change how you respond to your child’s sleep forever.

ToolsAndStrats Star

Practical Tools and Strategies

The tools inside the course are easy to implement and practical. You’ll be able to start making changes on the first day of taking the course!

ExpertGuidance Star

Expert Guidance

Rest assured, the tools in this course are backed by research, taught by a professional, and are effective for getting more sleep for your family.

LifetimeAccess Star

Lifetime Access

Come back to this course whenever you want! Watch it for the sleep struggles you are having now, and come back to it for years to come.

NF GuarnteeIcon

The Nurtured First Guarantee

We believe in the course so much that we want you to try it risk-free! If you don’t feel totally happy with your purchase within the first 30 days, we’ll refund you your purchase price. We only ask that you give us feedback about how we can improve so we can continue to provide the most helpful resources for families.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

For a lifetime! We offer this for two reasons:

  1. Parents are often busy and tired. You need to be able to access this course when you find the time and energy!
  2. Children’s needs and struggles change as they develop! You can skip ahead to the lessons you need right now and come back for the rest when you need it!
What age is this course useful for?

This course is designed for children from ages 2 – 12 years old. It’s for parents of toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children!

How long does this course take to complete?

The course contains 2 hours of video material broken down into bite-sized videos (each between 2-10 minutes long). Skip ahead to any lesson you need and go back to the other lessons when you need them!

Can I gift this course to someone?

Of course! You can purchase a digital gift card using this link. You can even schedule course access to be given at a future date so your loved one will receive it on their special day!

Will there be crying?

We are dealing with children, so I’ll be honest with you. Probably. What sets this course apart from other toddler sleep approaches is we won’t tell you to let your child cry it out alone or hold the door closed. You will learn to support your child to sleep with responsive methods.

How long does it take to get results?

Many parents see results as soon as 1 or 2 nights, and others see change over 30 days (research tells us it takes at least 21 days to see a long-term change).
Like all things parenting, there are no guarantees when we support children with unique needs. This is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your purchase.

What makes this course different from all the other sleep courses?

Other bedtime approaches miss the mark because they focus on one-size-fits-all sleep solutions for your child. But kids are unique. And the most common reason sleep struggles happen is because your child wants to be with YOU! Our course helps you look at your child’s need for closeness with you and helps them feel safe and close to you while they fall asleep in their own bed.

Will this work for a highly sensitive child?

This course is designed with all types of children in mind, including those who are highly sensitive! Our approach focuses on understanding your child’s unique needs so you’re able to use our strategies in a way that works for your child.

Is it helpful for a child who has been falling asleep with me?

Absolutely! We offer strategies and tools to help you and your child transition your child from falling asleep with you to sleeping on their own, while still helping them feel close to you – even if you’re not right there. You can start using these and see change as early as tonight!

Would this course help a child who has nightmares?

Yes, our course covers nightmares, night terrors, and other nighttime fears. We delve into why nightmares occur and provide practical solutions to reduce their frequency and impact.

Can I do this course if I’ve already tried cry-it-out?

Yes! We love it when parents come to our course who feel like they’ve already tried everything. Our approach is not cry-it-out. We will give you new strategies, insights, and an approach that works!

Would this course help a child who wakes up multiple times in the night?

Certainly! Our course covers common issues like multiple night wakings and provides strategies to help your child sleep through the night.

Is it helpful for my school-age child?

Definitely. The strategies and tools in this course can be used for children between ages 2-12! We’ve seen a lot of success with school-age children because the course helps with one of the biggest struggles that children face – separation!

Is it worth doing the course if your child is still in a crib?

Yes, the course content would be beneficial for a child in a crib (ages 2 years old and up). Whether it’s helping your child move from being rocked to sleep to falling asleep independently or working through nighttime fears, our tools can be used for children who sleep in a crib or bed.

Is the course self-paced, or do I have to watch it at a certain time?

The course is completely self-paced. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to all the material and can review them on your own time, at your own speed. And you can revisit the content whenever you need it for years to come!

If I have questions while I take the course, can I ask them?

Inside the course, you’ll find a discussion forum. This forum is a place where parents can ask their questions related to the course material. Our team of experts will help point you to the videos or handouts in the course to help you get your questions answered!

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