Parenting Little Kids

Our global, bestselling online course for hitting, biting, whining, rudeness & more. For parents of children ages 0 to 12 years old.

Does this sound familiar?

“Parenting scripts” don’t stop challenging behaviours.

Yelling makes you and your child feel bad.

Everything seems like a battle (sleep, eating, bath).

Your child clings and whines on your leg.

You don’t understand why your child doesn’t listen.

You feel embarassed by your child’s behaviour.

Saying “no” causes an epic tantrum.

You feel like you don’t understand your child anymore.

You deserve to enjoy this precious and all-too-short stage of life with your kids. We’ve developed a course for busy, tired parents who want to find joy in parenthood.

Let us help.

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Here’s a sneak peek…

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Your child’s behaviour feels out of control.

You don’t know why they are having big tantrums, fighting with siblings, or why they just won’t stay at the dinner table.

When your child’s behaviour feels out of control, you feel out of control. How are you supposed to help your kid when you just don’t understand why they would act this way. Where did your sweet child go?

You’ve tried the simple scripts you see online. But, no matter how many times you say “I can’t let you hit” they still hit.

You’ve tried giving them punishments. But, after giving them so many timeouts, you are still seeing the same behaviour and feeling disconnected from them.

You start to wonder “maybe I’m just a bad parent” or… “do I need to be more strict?”

Your parents would never have let you get away with this. You know you want to parent differently than your parents did, but how?

This is where we come in.

Behind every undesirable behaviour is a child who is trying to communicate something with us.

If you want to deeply understand your child, change undesirable behaviour, and learn how to discipline in way that will solve right now problems plus build a long-term relationship – we can help.

Parenting Little Kids teaches you how to make real change in your home using proven methods, practical stories, and tools that work for even the trickiest parenting moments.

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Your guide through it all

Jess VanderWier, Registered Psychotherapist & Mom of 3

Parenting Little Kids is Jess’ most popular course that has helped tens of thousands of parents enjoy their kids again. She’ll help you understand everything from how to set boundaries, how to be the parent you wish you had, and how to change undesirable behaviours through nurture and curiosity. Jess has experience working with families in the trickiest situations.

Now, she’s ready to help yours.

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Practical Parenting Tools & Actionable Strategies

It’s important to understand your child rather than just direct their behaviour. Parenting is a long journey and we want to equip you for the struggles you face now and help you to develop a long term relationship with your child.

Module 1

Discipline Essentials

Learn how to be the confident leader of your home using discipline that deepens your relationship with your child, and makes sense!

Module 2

Toddler Tantrums Made Simple

Gain confidence in responding to your child’s tantrums and big emotions with our 3-step framework. It’s so simple that one of the steps involves doing nothing!

Module 3

Becoming the Parent You Wanted

If your parents didn’t use The Nurtured First Approach you might feel a little lost on how to respond to your child’s big emotions. In this module, we help you reflect on your past, your values, and your triggers – so you can be the parent you always wished you had.

Module 4

“Why does my child act this way?!”

Learn the 4 most common reasons WHY a child’s behaviour happens. Then, once you understand why your child’s behaviour is happening, we give you practical solutions that teach them new skills! This is the information that is going to change your child’s challenging behaviour for GOOD!

Module 5

Let’s Get Practical

We share exactly HOW to teach your child new ways to behave – so they don’t need to kick, hit, or bite you to get their needs met. ALL parents need to learn this valuable lesson if they want to see real change in their home.
BONUS! Module 6

Solving Sibling Struggles

Solve sibling struggles for good with step-by-step tools for sharing, rivalry, hitting, adding a new baby, bickering, hurting each other, and really tricky days where no one gets along!

BONUS! Module 7

Q&A with Jess

You’ve got questions – Jess has answers. What to do when your toddler keeps saying no? What about when your child lies, has random tantrums, thinks your discipline is funny, or when behaviour keeps happening over and over? Let Jess walk you through the most common questions parents have!

You’ll also receive…

How to Become a Playful Parent

How to Become a Playful Parent

navigating tricky topics with littles thumbnail

Navigating Tricky Topics with Littles

Skeptic's Guide to Consequences Thumbnail

Skeptic’s Guide to Consequences

When Your Child Tries to Hit Thumbnail

When Your Child Tries to Hit, Bite, or Kick

Your course has changed our life. At first I felt like it wasn’t working, my toddler still wasn’t listening. But after changing the way in which we reacted, the cycle of constant fighting came to an end. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Mom of 1

When my 3 year old hit his sister I didn’t know what to do. I knew I shouldn’t punish but the boundaries weren’t working. Your course gives so much more than boundaries, and even just today I used so many of your tools. There are so many things in there I never would have thought of. My son even said sorry today for the first time ever!! I feel so good about how I am handling situations, thank you SO much!


Mom of 2

Somewhere along the way I realized I needed to break free from the way I was parented by my father. In my journey I came across you and your parenting course. It was life changing for my family. Our relationship has improved, our kids are happier, and I am more calm. Just wanted to let you know your work is amazing!!


Mom of 3

Imagine this…

Hour-long tantrums shrink down to minutes.

Your child listens to you when you ask them to do something.
Instead of yelling, you pause, take a breath, and then respond.

You feel less guilt over your parenting.

You feel confident setting and holding boundaries.

You start feeling more at peace in your home as soon as this week!

You hear the sounds of your kids laughing and playing together.

You start to love parenting your little kids.

This sounds too good to be true, but every one of these examples is from our students of our Parenting Little Kids course! Through The Nurtured First Approach we teach you how to use loving and respectful discipline to bring peace to your home!

Parenting doesn’t come with a user manual – but this is pretty close

A thorough and easy-to-watch course (even for busy parents!).
Learn the 4 foundations for building a peaceful, happy, and nurtured home.
Understand WHY tantrums happen and how to respond.
Learn why timeouts aren't the best bet.
Lessons on whining, crying, tantrums, saying "I hate you", not listening, meal-time, and much more!
Our lessons on reparenting will help you break cycles, yell less, and connect with your kids more.
Learn the 5 most common reasons why behaviour happens, and how to respond in the tricky situations.
Get actionable tips, and deep reflections to help you repair after yelling.
Learn how to feel confident as a leader and decrease tricky behaviour.
BONUS ?: eBooks, lessons, and references.

I’ll take you step-by-step through creating change in your home.

Let’s do this!

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Parenting Little Kids

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The Nurtured First Guarantee

We believe in the course so much that we want you to try it for 30 days risk-free. If you don’t feel totally happy with your purchase after 30 days we’ll refund you in full. (Yes, that is how much we believe this course will help you!)

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Questions? Ask away!

How long do I have access to the course?

For a lifetime! We created the course with busy parents in mind. Skip ahead to any lesson that you need right now (like our lessons on tantrums or hitting) and come back for the rest when you need it!

What ages is this course useful for?

The course is designed for parents and caregivers of kids 0-12 years old.

I have a baby or preverbal toddler - will this course still be helpful?

Yes! You can use strategies outlined in the course even when your child is preverbal! As you use the tools you are building an incredible foundation from the very start. Plus, you’ll have unlimited access to the course which means you can watch at your own pace and revisit it as you need it.

Would a teacher, early childhood educator, or other professional find this course helpful?

Absolutely. The course does speak directly to parents but the information is applicable to anyone working with children and families in a professional role.

Are there downloadable resources in the course?

Yes! Inside of the course you’ll get access to downloadable guides like our: Power Struggle Guide, Tricky Topics Guide, and our Body Safety Guide.

Is there a written version of the course?

Yes! You’ll get access to both the written version and video lesson version.

Does the course cover behavioural issues?

Absolutely. The course teaches you how to deeply understand your child’s behaviour and gives you plans for how to respond to even the most complicated behaviour!

How is it better than other parenting courses?

We found other parenting courses were so focused on one-size-fits all scripts and tools – that parents were left feeling stuck when their child’s behaviour stayed the same even after repeating the scripts over and over. We made the course parents were asking us for. Of course we still offer the practical tools you can start using today – but we go deeper. Our course helps parents understand WHY their child’s behaviour is happening and gives parents a plan for how to make real change.

What's in the course that you can't find on Instagram?

So much! Instagram offers a glimpse of the information you’ll find inside the Parenting Little Kids course – so if you enjoy our Instagram page, we can assure you that you will LOVE the course. The course offers a deeper dive and gives you our practical frameworks for tantrums, discipline, the 4 reasons why behaviour happens, plus covers all the most common behaviours kids have.

What if the course doesn't work for my family?

We believe in the course so much that we want you to try it for 30 days risk free. If you don’t feel totally happy with your purchase after 30 days we refund you in full. (Yes, that is how much we believe this course will help you!)

Why do I even need a parenting course?

You could read stacks upon stacks of parenting books and comb through hours of academic research and studies on neuroscience, family psychology, and child development.

You could try to piece information together from a hundred parenting blogs, YouTube videos, and Instagram stories. But at the end of the day, you’d still be thinking, “I need a plan!”

Parenting Little Kids does this for you and helps you:

  • Gain a better understanding of your child’s emotions (and your own!)
  • Respond to meltdowns and challenging behaviours (ie. biting or hitting) in healthy ways
  • Collaborate with your child to co-regulate their emotions and solve problems together
  • Identify how your own childhood experiences relate to your parenting triggers
  • Navigate moments of chaos with confidence and restore peace to your home
  • Parent in a way that aligns with your personal values and goals for your family
  • Validate and have empathy for your child’s feelings (without sacrificing your personal boundaries and mental health)
Can I gift the course to someone?

Yes! First of all, I love that!

You can purchase the course as a gift for a friend or loved one using this link here.

Still have questions?

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Parenting Little Kids gives you tools for:

Anger and aggression


Sibling rivalry

Dinnertime battles


Power struggles


Independent play

Teeth brushing

Big emotions




Hitting and biting

Kicking and scratching

Parent-child bonding

You’ll be able to reconnect with your child, set boundaries in ways that actually make sense, and restore peace in your home.