To the new mom buying formula at Walmart with her 1 month old baby, I see you.

I see the tears in your eyes when you read ‘breast is best’ on every label. I see you looking around, wondering if other moms are judging you for feeding such a little baby formula. And I see your husband standing there, unsure of how to help you, silently hurting with you.

As you read label after label, I see your confusion wondering if one is better than the other. Thinking about which one will be best for your baby that is currently screaming in your arms.

I see your baby, this brand new beautiful life. And I know that you feel like you are failing this tiny human, but I want you to know that you’re not. I see the love that you have for this baby. The desire to give him what he needs, even though you are not sure what that is yet. I see this baby who loves his mama, and is going to continue to love you when you feed him formula.

Beside you, I see your husband who is going to get a chance to help you, to feed his baby as well. I see that there is so much more to this story then what meets the eye. I’m not sure what brought you here, to Walmart on a Sunday at 7pm with a new baby, but I know whatever it is wasn’t easy.

I see your pain, but I also see that it will get better.

Finally we make eye contact, Quietly, I show you which brand we used. I assure you and your husband that it is going to be okay and I tell you that my 16 month old daughter loved me the same when she was breast fed and formula fed.

Both of our eyes fill with tears.

As I walk away, I see you silently talking with your husband while your baby continues to cry in your arms.

To the mama in Walmart buying formula, I hope you know you aren’t failing your child. Your child is going to be okay, and you are going to be okay again too.

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Jess VanderWier

Registered Psychotherapist & Mom of 3

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