The Printable Bundle

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The Printable Bundle includes 5 toolkits filled with fun colouring pages, mantras, activities and more to help your child understand and navigate all the biggest feelings and tough topics.

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Included in The Printable Bundle

• Ages 3 – 9   • 5 Printable Toolkits   • Lifetime Access   • Created by Child Experts   • Print As Needed!

  • Ages 3 – 9
  • 5 Printable Toolkits
  • Lifetime Access
  • Created by Child Experts
  • Print as Needed!

The Anger Toolkit

Teach your child how to express their anger in healthy ways, while also deepening their relationship with you.

  • Over 30 engaging worksheets.
  • Activities to help you and your child understand their anger, such as the fillable “It’s Okay to Get Mad” storybook.
  • Fun worksheets, games, and colouring pages to teach your child how to cope with and express their anger.
  • Printable posters full of soothing mantras and calming tools that help your child find healthy ways to release their anger.
  • Plus, so much more!
Anger Toolkit

The Worry Toolkit

Help your child navigate their worries, build coping tools, and face their fears with this collaborative printable toolkit!

  • Over 20 engaging worksheets.
  • Customizable scripts for shy, slow-to-warm, and hesitant children.
  • Guided “I am the Boss of My Mind” storybook.
  • Comprehensive caregiver’s guide to addressing worries related to animals, injuries, and separation anxiety.
  • Soothing mantras and calming tool printables for immediate relief.
Worry Toolkit

The Body Safety Toolkit

A fun-filled printable designed for parents who want their children to understand body safety and consent.

  • Learn the anatomically correct names for body parts.
  • Understand public and private spaces and body parts.
  • Teach your child to say "NO" when needed.
  • Identify their team of safe people.
  • Understand the difference between "Secrets" and "Surprises."
BodySafety Toolkit

The School Toolkit

The School Toolkit will give your child the tools they need to feel confident going to and being at school.

  • Teaches how to handle common situations, like being a good friend, using their strong voice, feeling confident being separated from you, and so much more.
  • Learn a 5-Step Plan to help your child get to know their teacher, their school, routines, how to get to school, and how they can feel connected with you even while you’re apart.
  • Includes colourable worksheets, printable posters, love notes to give your child in their school lunch, and more!
School Toolkit

I Love My Feelings: Summer Camp

Experience hours of fun with your kids, without having to plan it yourself, AND teach them about their emotions along the way!

  • Over 40 budget-friendly activites, crafts, and games.
  • Fun for kids ages 2-12.
  • Designed to strengthen emotional development.
  • Activities can be used over a 5-day “camp” or pulled out individually when you have spare time.
SummerCamp Toolkit

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Can't Believe How Quickly It Worked

“Jess! I can’t believe how quickly The Worry Toolkit worked. My son has always been afraid to sleep on his own. We used the toolkit to draw out his fears at bedtime. He hung the posters in his room, and already last night was sleeping better!”

Amy | Mom of 3

Life-Changing Information

“The best part of The Worry Toolkit was the “I am the Boss of My Mind” storybook. I heard my 6-year-old in bed the other night saying to herself, “Worry, I don’t need you right now. You can take a seat.” I know this language will be life-changing for her (and me too)!”

Laura | Mom of 3

Just What I Needed

“Already used the storybook with some students in my class and they loved it!!! Plus my own 5 year old actually shocked me with what he drew out in the story. The toolkit was just what I needed. Thank you. Will be recommending The Anger Toolkit to the parents in my class!!!”

Emily | Mom of 2

The Black Friday Sale is Live!

Be one of the first 300 to purchase this bundle or a course and get access to our NEW Boundaries Mini-Course!