The Postpartum Bundle

2 courses to help you enjoy the first years of parenthood:

Gentle Parenting for Babies gives practical lessons for parenting at the baby stage.
Calming Anxiety is for your mental health during the postpartum period.

Parenting a baby can be really stressful.

You know you don’t want to parent the way your parents did.

You want to build a bond with your baby.

You wonder how to respond to crying, pinching, or biting.

You stress about doing everything perfectly.

You want to feel prepared to bring home your new baby.

Being a parent feels much more stressful than you ever imagined.

Your thoughts are always racing.

You want to enjoy the newborn and baby stage.

Postpartum can be hard.

You’ve got this. And we can help.

A mom sitting on the floor in a brightly lit hallway while lifting her baby above her in the air and smiling.

Let’s bring the joy back into postpartum.

This is the bundle that we wish we had when we first had a baby. Instead of feeling lost, anxious, and alone in parenthood – we would have felt supported and seen.

This bundle gives pregnant and postpartum parents the tools they need to calm their anxious thoughts, bond with their baby, respond to crying with ease, and truly enjoy their time with their little bundles of joy.

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Your guide through it all

Jess VanderWier, Registered Psychotherapist & Mom of 3

After having her first baby, Jess experienced postpartum anxiety. She felt alone, like she was a bad mom, and often wondered if anyone else felt the same way. After receiving help, she couldn’t believe that even as a therapist she was so unprepared for parenthood.

Jess knew she needed to use her experience to help new parents who were having the same struggles. She received training in perinatal mental health and started working as a therapist with moms who were struggling.

This bundle includes the tools that she wished she had as a parent, and believes every parent deserves before AND after they have a baby.

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Two Courses – Bundled Up Like A Newborn Babe

Practical tools and strategies to help you parent your baby the way you always dreamed of.

Gentle Parenting for Babies

Module 1

What is Gentle Parenting?

Understand the core features and misconceptions of gentle parenting.

Module 2

Building a Solid Relationship with Your Baby

Feel deeply connected with your little one.

Module 3

5 Practical Tools for Parenting Babies

Learn how to discipline with ease from the start.

Module 4

Reparenting & Triggers

Learn how to break cycles and find your calm.

Module 5

Let’s Get Specific

Solutions to the most common struggles parents have with babies.

Calming Anxiety in Motherhood

Module 1

Welcome & Instructions

Learn how to use this learning platform.

Module 2

Anxiety 101

Understand why anxiety happens.

Module 3

Setting Your Environment Up For Success

5 simple ways to start feeling more calm today.

Module 4

How to Decrease Anxiety

Use these 3 steps every time you have an anxious thought.

Module 5

Moving Forward

Mantras, mindfulness exercises, and tools for your partner.

You’ll also receive…

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7 Mindfulness Printables

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The Babysitter’s Guide

Babysitter's guide thumbnail

Mental Load Checklist

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3 Amazing Video Bonuses

I was completely lost when I had my baby. Your course is part of my healing. This is me finally investing in myself and our family. I want to be the best mum I can be and I firmly believe that you can help me get there.


Mom of 1

I would easily have spent more than this on a few small baby items. I used the tools in the course DAILY for the first year postpartum. I can’t thank you enough for making this transition easier for me.


Third time mama here. My threshold for being overwhelmed is low to start with and adding in another baby made it almost impossible to cope. I bought the postpartum bundle shortly after having my third baby and it helped immensely! The tools like 3-4-5 breathing have made such a difference!


Mom of 3

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The Nurtured First Guarantee

We believe in these courses so much that we want you to try it for 30 days risk-free. If you don’t feel totally happy with your purchase after 30 days we’ll refund you in full. (Yes, that is how much we believe this course will help you!)

Imagine this…

You meet friends for coffee without worry.

You know realistic boundaries to set with your baby.

You have tools to cope with anger and anxiety.

You enjoy parenting your little baby.

You stop living on coffee and crumbs and start nurturing yourself.

You feel like the amazing parent that you are!

Anxious thoughts are brought back to reality before they spiral out of control.

You start to enjoy the first year of your baby’s life!

Let us help you soak in all the joys of parenthood and confidently handle the common challenges thrown your way.

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Questions? Ask away!

How long do I have access to this bundle?

For a lifetime! You can learn at your own pace and revisit the content as needed. Additionally, any updates we make to the courses, are automatically applied to yours!

What’s included when I purchase this bundle?

Not only will you receive 2 courses, each course has it’s own set of bonus material, such as lessons, printables, guides and checklists to help make this info simple and easy to implement!

You can access the pre-recorded course as much as you need so you can watch lessons over and over as you implement tools and strategies! There are PDFs of each lesson in the Calming Anxiety in Motherhood course as well, so you can read or watch the course – totally up to you!

How long does this bundle take to complete?

I’ve cut out the fluff! Each course contains about 1 hour of video material (not including the bonus lessons) broken down into bite-sized videos (each between 2-10 minutes long). Skip ahead to any lesson you need and go back to the other lessons when you need them!

What is the format of this course?

This course is available in video format. The Calming Anxiety in Motherhood course also includes PDFs of each lesson, so you can read or watch the course – totally up to you!

Can I download the course videos?

The course video is only available by streaming.

Are there downloadable resources?

Yes! We’ve included a variety of PDFs such as our Babysitter’s Guide, Mental Load Checklist and Mindfulness printables.

Is there a written version of the course?

The Calming Anxiety in Motherhood course also includes PDFs of each lesson, so you can read or watch the course – totally up to you! At this time, the Gentle Parenting for Babies course only includes video.

Can I gift the bundle to someone?

Yes! First of all, I love that!

You can purchase the course as a gift for a friend or loved one using this link here.

Still have questions?

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