Separations & Goodbyes

Introducing our 5-step framework proven to ease separation at school, bedtime and childcare. For parents of children ages 1-12 years old.

Are separations challenging for you or your child?

Your child won’t stop crying at daycare drop-off.

Your child clings and cries when you leave.

You feel nervous about leaving your child with a babysitter.

Your toddler is biting, hitting, or kicking after school.

You want to be proactive about your child going to school.

You don’t know what to say to your crying child.

You worry about how being apart will affect your relationship with your child.

Your child struggles at bedtime (yep, this is separation too).

Dad dropping daughter off at school and giving her a hug directly in front of the school

If separation is the concern, connection is the solution.

Saying goodbye to your child can be emotional for parents and children.

You might feel guilty about leaving them. You might be worried if they will be ok without you there. You are used to being with your child all the time, and you just want to make sure they feel loved and safe even when you are apart.

Your child might be worried, too. They have never spent a day without you or they aren’t used to saying goodbye for any period of time. How do they act? How will they feel safe? Who do they turn to when you aren’t there?

Whether it’s transitioning to daycare, spending a few hours with a babysitter, or sleeping in their own bed, we can help. We will teach you 5 key pieces to a sucessful separation for you and your child.

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Imagine this…

You feel confident responding to clinging and crying.

You and your child feel securely attached, even when apart.

Your child is prepared for drop-offs before they happen.

You have a plan for all separations – from bedtime to drop-offs.

Your guide through it all

Jess VanderWier, Registered Psychotherapist & Mom of 3

Jess created the Separations & Goodbyes course using research and personal experience. She has worked directly with children and families for over 10 years, created multiple online parenting resources, including her global, bestselling Parenting Little Kids course, and has personally transitioned her 3 kids to childcare, school and babysitters.

Jess’ framework for separation will help your child feel close to you – even when you are apart. So you can go to work, a date night, or just get a break, without guilt.

Jess has helped thousands of families work through separations and goodbyes.

Now, she’s ready to help yours.

Parenting Little Kids course preview

My husband just watched the course because my 21 month old is starting daycare on Wednesday. My husband asked if I emailed you because it included EXACTLY all of our concerns and anxiety! It was really helpful to watch and we already feel more prepared!


Mom of 1

My sensitive son started kindergarten last week. My wife and I were so nervous because he’s never spent more than a few hours away from us. We used all the tools in your Separations and Goodbyes course and it helped SO MUCH! Thank you for teaching us that connection is the cure to dysregulation.


Dad of 1

What’s included in the course?

Learn a 5-step framework to help your child through separations.
Review real-life situations such as school, daycare, babysitters, and sleep.
Get tools to help you build connection before separation.
Gain a deep understanding of why separation is so tricky for kids.
Learn how to prepare your child for being away from you.
Learn how to help your child cope while you're apart.
Find new ways to make your reunion after separating special.
Coping strategies to help YOU through separations.

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Separations & Goodbyes

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The Nurtured First Guarantee

We believe in the course so much that we want you to try it for 30 days risk-free. If you don’t feel totally happy with your purchase after 30 days we’ll refund you in full. (Yes, that is how much we believe this course will help you!)

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Questions? Ask away!

How long do I have access to this course?

For a lifetime! We created the course with busy parents in mind. You can learn at your own pace and revisit the content as needed. Additionally, any updates we make to the course, are automatically applied to yours!

What ages is this course useful for?

This course is designed for children ages 1 – 12 years. It’s for parents and caregivers of toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children!

What’s included when I purchase this course?

You can access the pre-recorded 1-hr course as much as you need. You can watch lessons over and over as you make simple changes to your separations! In the course, we provide practical scripts and tools, a 5-step framework, a PDF workbook, real-life applications of separation and a bonus babysitter’s guide – all to help make this info simple and easy to implement!

How long does this course take to complete?

The course contains 1 hour of video material, also shared in audio and PDF format.

What's the format of the course content?

This course is available in video and audio format. We’ve also included a downloadable PDF workbook that includes most of the content and space to answer questions and take notes.

Can I download the course videos?

The course video is only available by streaming.

What if the course doesn't work for my family?

The tools taught in this course have helped thousands of parents worldwide and are rooted in decades of research on child development and attachment. We are confident they can help you too! But, like all things parenting, there are no guarantees when we support children with unique needs. If our approach doesn’t work for your family, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Are there downloadable resources?

Yes! We’ve included a PDF course workbook for you to fill out while working through the course, along with 3 additional resources: book list to support separation, our Babysitter’s Guide and a Workshop Reference List.

Is there a written version of the course?

At this time, the course only includes video and audio.

Do you offer any discounts?
We know the costs of raising children can add up and keep this in mind when we decide the price of our courses. We’re also happy to offer free guides related to a variety of common parenting challenges and regularly update our blog.

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Can I gift the course to someone?

Yes! First of all, I love that!

You can purchase the course as a gift for a friend or loved one using this link here.

Still have questions?

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