7 Powerful TED Talks to Boost Your Confidence and Change Your Life

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Jess VanderWier
July 18, 2021

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As humans, learning from others through their stories and experiences is what we do best. We are connected, and we should use this to our advantage.

Below are 10 TedTalks to boost your confidence and help you live your best life. Every story and experience has something to offer, and we believe that there is something valuable to learn from each speaker.

1. The Power Of Vulnerability  

Brene Brown is a social worker, author, and “researcher storyteller.” In this TedTalk, Brene dives into what she discovered by studying shame, courage, and wholeheartedness. She shares what she found when looking at how people live their life. Her research demonstrates how powerful vulnerability affects our relationships, work, self-confidence, parenting, etc. Brene says that discovering this phenomenon changed how she lives her life and hopes that sharing her work will inspire others to do the same.

2. Why I’m Done Trying To Be “Man Enough”  

In this TedTalk, actor Justin Baldoni opens up a conversation on redefining masculinity. He shares his life experience as a man, and how like other men, he was consistently told to act and behave a certain way. When he noticed how his life was being disrupted by being put into a box based on societal views of his gender, he started to question what “being a man” really means. Justin talks about how influential his father, wife, and child were to this discovery process. He says they inspired him not to be a better man but a better human.

3. The Skill Of Self-Confidence  

We love what Dr. Ivan Joseph has to say about self-confidence. As an Athletic Director and head coach of Varsity Soccer, he has witnessed just how important the skill of self-confidence is to performance. Not only in athletics but all parts of our lives. Ivan shares how to harness self-confidence in yourself by using repetition and how to foster self-confidence in others by using the “catch them being good” method. 

4. Psychological Flexibility: How Love Turns Pain Into Purpose  

Dr. Steven Hayes shares his insight and research into psychological flexibility in this TedTalk. He describes what psychological flexibility is, saying that it is the answer to overcoming pain and suffering. Ivan opens up about his personal experiences with Panic Disorder and shares his recovery story using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. He also shares how his decision not to run from himself changed his life. Steven tells us how we use our difficult and uncomfortable feelings to foster love and purpose in our life.

5. Mental Brakes To Avoid Mental Breaks  

Another TedTalk by Dr. Steven Hayes focuses on mindfulness and the importance of practicing dispassionate curiosity towards our thoughts. According to Steven, our minds act as a driving car. When our thoughts begin taking us in the wrong, we must know how to put on the brakes. Steven shows us how to develop this skill using practical, simple strategies that take away power from our automatic negative thoughts. We can use his strategies to practise compassion towards ourselves and others, ultimately allowing us to live our best lives.

6. 10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation  

In this TedTalk, radio host Celeste Headlee shares her top tips on how to improve communication skills. She uses common scenarios that we all experience to showcase the need for stronger communication with one another. She shares her tips in simple, practical steps to apply them easily to improve our conversations. As a professional interviewer, Celeste wants to share her expertise to help us communicate better and foster stronger, healthier relationships.   

7. A Simple Way To Break A Bad Habit 

As a psychiatrist, Judson Brewer shares his expertise on how to break our bad habits. In this TedTalk, he shares what he has learned from his research, including the powerful effects of mindfulness on breaking our cyclical thoughts, which often cause our addictions and bad habits. By sharing this information on a wider platform, Judson hopes that others can take his strategies and use them to overcome anything from smoking to over-eating to spending time on your phone.

Final Thoughts

Learning from others is a great way to open our minds, learn something new, and change how we think/feel/perceive. Taking time to listen to the stories and experiences of others keeps us connected and teaches us something valuable. We can learn something from everyone, and if we listen closely… what they say may change our lives.

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    Jess VanderWier
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