Are you a new mom who is feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and uncertain? What about lonely, stressed, and anxious? So many moms feel this way in new motherhood, and you are not alone! To help you feel connected and less alone in motherhood, we’ve compiled 5 of the best TED Talks for new moms that can help you thrive in motherhood!

1. Why Moms Are Miserable

Do you want to feel less alone in the motherhood journey? This talk may be the one for you. Sheryl Ziegler, Doctor of Psychology and Author of Mommy Burnout: How Addressing Yours Will Make You a Better Mother and Create a Better Life for Your Children, dives into her experiences with motherhood. She share her personal story of loneliness and struggle as a mom, but she also shares the common struggles that she sees moms facing in her practice. Her message is an important reminder that we are not alone in this journey of motherhood!

2. Unmasking Motherhood

This is one of the most relatable talks on motherhood. Katherine Wintsch, founder of The Mom Complex, brings to life the struggles that so many moms face in new motherhood. She talks about the perceptions that the world has created about moms, and how we have unrealistic expectations for how we should parent our children. This talk is a must watch and will remind you that you are not the only mom struggling!

3. Judgement on Mothers

Do you ever feel judged by other moms for your parenting choices? Have you ever judged other moms for their parenting choices? Maara Fink, career-woman and mother of four, shares the growing judgements and expectations that moms are facing. Many moms struggle with what to do and how to raise their children, and this can cause so much mom guilt. Maara talks about the importance of creating safe spaces for moms, being kind to others, and letting moms know that as long as their child is loved and cared for, they are doing great!

4. What Every Parent Should Know

In new motherhood, you may feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do as a mother. It can be difficult to take care of your baby’s needs and your own. As a mother and Family Counsellor, Diana Eidelman reflects on her experience when she was a new mother and what she wish she knew at this time of her life. She wants to make sure that moms, who are often unsure what to do amongst the expectations and criticism, know that what benefits themselves will benefit their baby. We have to take care of ourselves first!

5. For Parents, Happiness is a High Bar

We’ve all been there: Staring at a bookshelf full of resources and not even knowing where to start. Although these are all well intentioned resources, raising a child does not come with a user manual – as we have said many times on this blog! In this talk, Jennifer Senior shares how she and so many new mothers feel anxiety. There are so many perceptions, expectations, and opinions that it can be overwhelming to know what is right for your child and family. Her talk is a reminder that these expectations are often unrealistic and unfair, both for the child and mother, and that we must focus on just doing the best we can!